Frequently Asked questions

  • Why do I need a 3D & BIM Catalogue?

    All architects use CAD software to design their projects. When you supply a paper catalogue of your products, the only way the architect can integrate them in to his plans is by drawing a 3D version of them manually. This takes hours. Architects will be much more likely to use your product if you supply them with a 3D version that’s compatible with their software. They in turn will prescribe that product to their client. This in turn generates more orders for you.
  • How much will it cost?

    It depends upon the number of products you want to render and their complexity. In any case we can prove its much cheaper to outsource this service to us rather than try and do it in house with all that implies. We are professional architects with the tools, capability and software to digitize your catalog to the highest possible standard. Our background in the industry means we have a unique insight in to how architects work.
  • Are my competitors using this?

    Market leaders including Ikea, Armstrong and Villeroy & Boch are already signed up with Polantis because they recognize the need to supply architects with quality 3D versions of their products. We work with dozens of companies across numerous AEC categories. Here is a full list of our clients : https://www.polantis.com/companylist
  • Why choose Polantis?

    We are qualified architects by trade and so we understand the specific needs and methods of those working in the industry. Over the last four years we have built relationships with thousands of architects and they have given us invaluable feedback about the type of products they want to integrate in their projects.
  • How long will it take?

    Should you decide to work with us, we will endeavor to digitize your catalogue as quickly as possible but you will see your best selling items online and available for download within a matter of days.
  • Fine, I'm interested, how shall we proceed?

    We will require one meeting with you, your marketing director or engineers to establish your specific needs. In most cases we will simply take your current paper catalogue to digitize and upload on to our various platforms.
  • Do I need to list my products on Polantis.com?

    More than 45 thousand architects download products from our site daily and new subscribers register every 20 minutes. Putting your product on Polantis.com means they will be targeted directly but 3D catalog making is our core business and if you would prefer to advertise your 3D products yourself, thats fine too.
  • What are the different formats for?

    Different architects use different types of CAD software. We give architects products in their native formats so there is no need to convert from one to another. That means accuracy, style, scale and data is ensured. We are the only company in this field that works with more than 20 CAD formats.
  • Is there a risk my competitors will be able to copy my designs and technique?

    Our designs are intricate and detailed but we omit all unnecessary technical information. We do this to protect your design and also to make the object easier for architects to use.
  • Is this service directed at companies with a global market?

    We work with companies as big as Armstrong, but we also work with many local, family run firms. We provide all our clients with a tailored service that best suits their requirements.
  • Why can't I just continue to use paper catalogues?

    Engineers were asked the following question «would you choose one supplier over another if offered 3D CAD data for you to download» 74% responded positively.* Architects are no different. They will, in the majority of cases, choose the supplier who can save them time.*source: Cadenas
  • Can the product description be modified once its online?

    Polantis gives you instant access to your objects 24/7 and you can change the specifications if you need to or instruct us to do so for you. This also allows you to keep track of which of your products are most regularly downloaded.
  • No other companies in my sector use this service, why should we?

    Be the first not the last. Our rapidly growing list of clients spans many sectors, sizes and specifications. All have given us positive feedback on how our service has helped them but do not take it from us, click here to hear some of your contemporaries...
  • Can I contact the architects who download my products?

    We will provide you with the architect’s details should he or she allow us to share their details with you. We will also pass on details to you in some cases but only within the framework of the european law on data protection.
  • Do I need to have every product made in to 3D in one go?

    Most of our clients spread the production over a period of months starting with their best selling items. We suggest starting with at least 50 products or so. Too few will not get the required exposure on our various platforms.