Frequently Asked questions

  • Why do I need a CAO & BIM catalogue?

    All architects use CAD and/or BIM software to design their projects. When you supply a paper catalogue of your products, the only way the architect can integrate them in to his plans is by drawing a 3D version of them manually. This takes hours. Architects will be much more likely to use your product if you supply them with a 3D version that’s compatible with their software. They will then prescribe your products to their customers. Which in the end will generate orders.
  • How much will it cost?

    The price depends on the number and complexity of the products to be modeled. In any case, we can prove to you that it is much cheaper to outsource this service to us than to try to do it in-house. We are professional architects with the tools, the capacity and the software to digitize your catalog according to the highest standards. We are "connected to the field" to ensure that your CAD and BIM objects meet the needs of the specifiers.
  • Have other manufacturers already had CAD and BIM objects created?

    Market leaders such as Ikea, Armstrong or Kaldewei are clients of Polantis, they have recognized the need to offer architects 3D models of their products of the highest quality. Below is a list of our customer references: We work with dozens of companies across numerous AEC categories. Here is a full list of our clients : https://www.polantis.com/companylist
  • Why choose Polantis?

    We are professionally trained architects and therefore know perfectly the needs and specific methods of the planners and clients. For the past 10 years, we have built strong relationships with thousands of architects whose needs and demands we understand.
  • What is the procedure? How much time must be scheduled for the implementation?

    Some weeks. After we have selected with you the products to be modeled first, the related information and documents, and the best ways to suggest the products to the architects, we start with the modeling.
  • Do I need to list my products on Polantis.com?

    More than 400,000 architects download the products on our website every day and every 2 minutes a new member registers on our platform. The strength of Polantis is therefore its tendering network. Nevertheless, the BIM objects are yours and you are free to not include them on Polantic.com.
  • Why should you offer CAD and BIM objects?

    The architects use different types of CAD and BIM software. We provide the products in a maximum of native formats for the architects, so they no longer need to convert them from one format to another and thus not risk losing information. This means that the detail, style, scale, and data of the object exactly match the actual product. With regard to the BIM we also systematically provide objects in the format IFC (interoperable). Polantis is the only publisher of objects modeled in so many formats.
  • Is there a risk my competitors will be able to copy my designs and technique?

    Our designs are complete and detailed. Nevertheless, we deliberately remove all technical information that is not absolutely necessary. We do this to protect your drawings, but also to make your objects even easier to use for the architects. A BIM object is not a factory drawing.
  • Is this service only directed at companies with a global market?

    We work with world-famous companies like Armstrong but also with many local manufacturers and family businesses. We provide each of our customers with a service that suits their needs.
  • Can the product description be modified once its online?

    Polantis gives you direct access to your objects. You can use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can therefore immediately change your information about your products or contact us if necessary, so that we can do this for you. The permanent accessible customer area also allows you to track which of your products have been downloaded the most, to contact your clients, and to compare themselves to the competition.
  • Can I contact the architects who download my BIM objects?

    That is indeed the case. One of Polants' first missions was to establish the link between manufacturer and architect. Nevertheless, in the context of European legislation, we are obliged to uphold the protection of personal data.
  • Should I have my product catalog created at once?

    Most of our customers distribute the production of the models over several months and usually start with the best-selling products. We recommend starting with 50 or more products. A too small amount of products could limit the expected visibility and perception on our platform.