Polantis places manufacturers’ products inside architects’ projects through CAD and BIM software

Polantis is the world’s first company to propose BIM and CAD solutions for AEC manufacturers. Founded in 2008 with hundreds of thousands registered AEC professionals and thousands of meticulously created objects.

In March 2019, BIMobject has entered into an agreement to acquire Polantis. Combined, the companies will have close to 1.5 M registered users, 74,000 objects and 1,550 brands.

Client's testimonials

  • Polantis offres a very good service : A powerful tool that their team builds with great professionalism. It was a very pleasant surprise! This tool allows us to efficiently vehicle our designs and information to our clients.
  • Polantis helped Andelia create a CAD and BIM objects catalog compatible with all of the software used by our clients and specifiers.
  • The thing that I like most about Polantis is their universal catalogue compatible with virtually any software used by AEC professionals
  • Polantis’s service is a real gem. For Architects and specifiers, image and rendering are of the highest importance in the BIM era it is becoming more and more evident
  • This CAD and BIM library becomes a crucial tool for our communication plan with a very positive and immediate impact. It corresponds perfectly to the needs of AEC professionals
  • The people at Polantis listen, they strive to give us solutions and respond to our demands. They managed to get us to understand today’s  market needs  in spite of  the sheer complexity of BIM
  • Polantis is an innovating service, efficient and useful. They knew how to identify our need and respond to it with great professionalism
    La Toulousaine, Didier Simon - CEO
  • Polantis deciphered for us the mysterious world of Architects...